Using Files in MyWharton (WEMBA Staff)

Program files are made available to WEMBA students via libraries in the Files tab of MyWharton. Students will only see the libraries that they have access to, which can be controlled by groups or down to the individual level. WEMBA Community managers have the ability to create new libraries, add folders, and upload files for students. 

Before You Start 

You must have WEMBA Community Manager privileges to add Files in MyWharton. 

Using Files in MyWharton

Follow the instructions below to access and manage files for WEMBA students. Note: When posting a file to a group in the group feed you will be able to select files from your libraries.

  1. Login to MyWharton Community and click on the Files tab. Once there, you'll see a list of the libraries that you have access to. Note: If you don't see the Files tab in your navigation bar yet, go to the following URL after logging in:
  2. Click on the name of a library to access the folders and files contained inside.
  3. If you want to upload files for students to view, click on the Manage Files link. 
  4. Click on Libraries and then choose the appropriate library where you would like to upload the files. 
  5. Once inside the library of your choice, click the New Folder or Add Files button to add new folders and files. 
  6. Create a name for New Folders and click Save
  7. After a folder has been added, you have the option to Rename, Move, or Delete it by clicking the triangle button. 
  8. You can either add files owned by you, shared with you, recently viewed files, files that you are following, or files from other libraries. You can also Upload Files from your computer. Choose a file or multiple files and click Add and then Done once the files finish uploading.
  9. After a file has been uploaded to a library, you have the option to Download, View file details, Upload a new version, Edit file details, Move files, or Delete the file by clicking the triangle button. Note: Deleting a file removes it from any records or posts that it's attached to. 

Creating a New Files Library

New libraries will only have to be created during those few times of the year when new classes of students matriculate.

  1. Log in to the Wharton Salesforce instance ( and search for Files in the app launcher and then click on it. 
  2. Once inside the Files app, click on Libraries and you'll see a list of the WEMBA libraries that you have access to (Note: these libraries pictured below are what Wharton Computing employees see, but if you are a WEMBA Community Manager, you'll see a list of WEMBA libraries
  3. Click on New Library and give it a Name, Description, and Upload an Image to serve as the Library's icon if you'd like (Note: Images are not necessary but if you submit one make sure it has a 16:9 aspect ratio) and then click Save
  4. Once you add a new library, you can add folders and files much like in the front-end of MyWharton, but you also have the additional option to Manage Members which lets you set permissions of who can view the library. 
  5. Once you are in the library of your choice, click Manage Members  and you can search for the various WEMBA groups that should have access and select "Viewer" to give them permission to view files and folders and then click Add


Contact: Staff Computing Support