Share and Manage Recordings in BlueJeans

Any recording of BlueJeans meetings – both those scheduled through Virtual Meetings in Canvas, as well as ones scheduled other ways – is stored in the meeting moderator's Penn BlueJeans account. Here are the steps for locating the link to each recording and managing access.

Share Recordings

  1. Access your Penn BlueJeans account:
  2. Select "Recordings" in the top menu.
    • To work with a specific recording, click on or near its title to go to that recording's page within your BlueJeans account.
  3. Click the download icon (document with down-arrow) to the right of title, next to the trashcan icon.
    Note: If you don't see those two icons, look for three dots and click on those to get a menu containing the download option.
  4. A "Download Recordings" pop-up will now appear.  You can choose whether to get just the audio; audio & video, or a file also including presentations (if any were uploaded within the meeting) in MP4 format:

Once your download has completed, you may also decide to:

  • Delete the recording, using the delete (trashcan) icon.
  • Save the recording's URL for later sharing, using the blue icon.
  • Send the recording URL to meeting attendees, or to specific Penn BlueJeans users and guest speakers by email, using the "Share Recording" button.
  • Set whether viewers can download this recording; when allowed, they get the download icon in the same place you do. 

Manage Recordings

It's possible to manage whether a recording can be viewed without a login, or viewed only by you, without deleting it.  To change to a different setting, click on it in this menu. The confirmation will be that the menu goes away, leaving the name of the choice you made now showing.

  1. Click on the drop-down "Sharing" menu to review what is currently set:
  2. Whichever of the three has a green checkmark is the one currently active; click on a different choice to activate it.
    • Open Access is the easiest setting for students in courses, not requiring a separate login. Most Virtual Meetings recordings are set this way.
    • Enterprise Access Only requires a PennKey login before viewing, unless the user is already logged into
    • Some users will be prompted with a blue box to enter their email address before they can log in with PennKey.  To do so successfully, they must enter the same email shown for them in the Penn Directory (in order to get the PennKey login prompt next). 


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