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Scheduling a BlueJeans Event

Before You Start 

You will need the following before you can complete this task: 

  • An active PennKey
  • An active Penn BlueJeans account with Events enabled (available upon request; contact your IT representative)

Schedule a BlueJeans Event

As the meeting organizer you'll be in charge of planning and scheduling the event. Be sure to review the best practices and planning sections on the Getting Started with BlueJeans Events article.

Once you've completed the pre-planning for your event using the checklists and best practices, you'll need to schedule your event and send out the invitations. Click Read More to learn how to schedule your event. 

Customize the Registration Form

An event's registration form can be used to collect data about those registering for an event. Data collected is available for download. The standard registration form comes with two mandatory fields, Name and Email Address. Click Read More to learn how to add additional fields to your registration form. 

Create a Poll

Polls should be planned and created ahead of time. Click Read More to learn how to create a poll during the planning phase of your event. 

Customize Your Event

After scheduling the Event, you can customize certain elements the participants will see upon joining your event:

  • Brand the event with a logo
  • Choose a background image or color
  • Designate a color for call-to-action buttons
  • Send a special message with pre-event and post-event banners

For further guidance on branding a Wharton event, visit the Marketing and Communications website. Click Read More to learn how to customize your event in the BlueJeans Events platform.

Customizing the event requires files to be uploaded. Before you start you'll need to create the files using the appropriate dimensions, file size and file type. 

Customizable ImageFile TypeFile SizeDimensions
LogoPNG imageUp to 1 MBUp to 300px x 50px
BackgroundPNG imageUp to 1 MBMinimum 1280px x 720px
BannersPNG imageUp to 1 MBMinimum 1280px x 720px

Additional Assistance

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