Return to Campus Checklist

This checklist is designed to help you get back up and running in your on campus office. You can always reach out to Wharton Computing for assistance.

If you haven't been on-campus in awhile, chances are you'll need to rejoin AirPennNet, the University's wifi network. Don't worry, this is easy to do and we have detailed instructions. Just make sure to have your PennKey username and password handy. (If you've forgotten your PennKey or password, you can reset it on the PennKey Recovery Service site.)

Note: Setting up AirPennNet requires administrative rights on your computer. You can always use AirPennNet-Guest to connect until your Wharton Computing rep can help you.
Returning equipment to campus? Please attempt to set up your equipment yourself, as Wharton Computing has limited on-campus resources. If you're having trouble with any part of the setup do reach out to your Wharton Computing representative.
When you get to your office and fire up your PC, things might not work. The first thing to do is double check that all the wires are plugged into the right place (especially if you're setting up equipment that you're returning to your office).

Things to check:
  • Is the power plug plugged into the computer and the outlet?
  • Is the ethernet cable (a.k.a. network cable) plugged into the wall and the computer?
  • Is your monitor plugged into power (if the screen is displaying something, it is) and your computer? Also double check that you have the correct input selected on the monitor.
  • Are any dongles needed for your wireless mouse/keyboards plugged in properly?
  • Are you connected to your Dock using the correct cable? It should be one that looks like this.

Still not working? Contact Wharton Computing.

Having trouble printing from your office to an on-campus printer? You'll need to connect to the VPN to print if you're on AirPennNet.

Having trouble printing with a wired connect?  Contact Wharton Computing.
Icon of person working on laptop.
Still having issues? Time to call Wharton Computing.

If something seems wrong with a Wharton online service, check the Wharton Computing Status Page for possible outages or updates. You can even subscribe to alerts and get them delivered to your email or phone.


For questions that aren't answered there, contact your Wharton Computing Representative.