Integrating Web Service Data Into Qualtrics Survey Loop and Merge

Qualtrics survey designers can use REST data service endpoints to populate data for use in survey questions.

Before You Start 

You will need the following before you can complete this task: 

  1. Qualtrics account
  2. Target data service URL endpoint (ex.
  3. Working knowledge of Qualtrics basics
  4. *API key where applicable*

What is Loop and Merge?

Loop and Merge (LM) is a Qualtrics survey element that simplifies repeating the same question sets over different values. For example if you are asking participants to rate restaurants for food, service, and cost, LM allows you to create one set of questions that get repeated for every restaurant in the LM dataset.

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Setting up the Survey

We will use a new survey and an example service endpoint to set up the survey.

 Set Up the Web Request Data

Using the survey you've just created, follow these steps to set up the web request data:

Create a Loop and Merge Data Field Sheet

This step is only needed if you intend to use Loop and Merge to reference the data. We will create it in this example, and you will see it used in the next section.

Enable Loop and Merge

We are going to turn on the Loop and Merge feature for our question block and then use the data to display text to participants.

Adding API Key

If the web service you are utilizing requires an API key to access it, you can add this in the survey flow.