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NGSS Planned System Outage

The Next Generation Student Systems (NGSS) project has scheduled a planned outage of a variety of student information systems starting on 12am March 2, 2022 and lasting until 12pm March 15, 2022.

During the planned outage the various student records applications (including the Student Record System (SRS)) will be unavailable which means that student enrollment data will not be available. 

The following systems will be available during this time, but will not receive any student enrollment updates (i.e. adds/drops will not be reflected):

  • Canvas
  • CourseMatch
  • Instruction Center
  • MyWharton

 Automatic enrollment syncs will resume on Monday, March 14 though data may not be fully synchronized until 12pm March 15.

Faculty Impact

This planned outage (3/2 - 3/15) has a number of implications for faculty. Most notably:

  • Grades cannot be submitted or changed during this period - the deadline for submitting Q3 grades has been moved to 3/17.
  • Student enrollment will not be synced with Canvas.
    • Any additional registrants to a class that happen during this period will not be reflected in Canvas until Monday, March 14.
    • Additionally, students added the course during this blackout period will not have access to the Canvas site until Monday, March 14.
    • Faculty will not be able to manually add students to their Canvas sites during this time.
  • As such we strongly discourage assigning any course pre-work that is due on or before Monday, March 14, since all students may not have access to Canvas.

Student Impact


Undergraduate students will not be able to change their enrollments during this period (3/2 - 3/15). Additionally:

  • You may experience a delay in accessing grades from Q3 courses, depending on when they are submitted.
  • Canvas access will remain unchanged.


CourseMatch will remain available, however, any enrollment changes made during this period (3/2-3/15) will not be reflected in any other systems:

  • You will not gain access/lose access to added/dropped classes Canvas sites.
  • MyWharton will not display any changes to your enrollments made during this period, including in your calendar feeds.

All changes will be synced on 3/15 and your access will be updated accordingly.

The NGSS schedule system outage impacts a large variety of student systems at Penn. A full list of impacted applications and services can be found on the NGSS website.