MyWharton Training Center (All Staff)

Below is a collection of training presentations and FAQs by division from staff trainings and meetings. 

Before You Start 

You will need: 

  • A standard internet browser and an internet connection.
  • A seat in MyWharton

MBA - Staff

MBA Site Overview: MyWharton_SiteTrainingGuide.pdf

FAQs for MBA Staff: MyWharton_FAQs_MBAStaff.pdf

MyWharton PreTerm Presentation: MyWharton_PreTermPresentation_7-2018.pdf

MyWharton Content Strategy Presentation: MyWharton_MBA_CommsStrategyTraining_10-2018.pdf

MyWharton Advising Presentation: MyWharton_MBA_Advising_10-2018.pdf

MyWharton IDCWG Refresher Presentation: MyWharton_Refresher_1-16-19.pdf

UGR - Staff

Materials to come.

EMBA - Staff

Materials to come.