MyWharton Release Notes

MyWharton features are updated on a regular basis. This article lists all the releases in reverse chronological order by semester.

Spring 2020

5/12/20 Release


  • Mobile app improvements for both iOs and Android device allow menu bar to be locked in place (sticky) so users can navigate to any tab at any time without scrolling back to the top of the page

4/21/20 Release

Bug fixes:

  • A fix was applied to the People search page that corrected pagination issues

4/14/20 Release


  • Icon updates on the support page 

3/30/20 Release


  • New events can be created and include chronological end date.  (Previously, end dates that occurred in the past could be used)

  • Search page improvements allow users to "dial in" focused results 
  • Salesforce pushed a security improvement to allow timely critical updates

3/11/20 Release


  • User only sees the groups that are applicable to them on the groups listing page
  • When filtering  by Topic or Group  you can now select what you want to filter and menu collapses without clicking out

3/3/20 Release

Bug fixes:

  • Users have the ability to display events from the Wharton Events and Important Dates calendars on My Events calendar
  • Resolved issue with continuous loading icon appearing when no events available for MyWharton, Important, or My Events
  •  Fixed Daylight Savings time glitch,  in which the calendar component  was NOT displaying correct time after March 8th
  • Salesforce Spring release required updates to all meta data to ensure continued compliance with "secure by default" approach

2/11/20 Release 


  • The Help and Feedback form has been updated to route staff user inquires to product team queue in Zendesk, while student inquiries are routed to Student Support Zendesk
  • Time zone logic was updated to reflect a users Salesforce setting; it can be changed by user to reflect current geographic location 

1/21/20 Release 


  • Updated My Academics page allows UGR students to view advisor(s) contact information and schedule appointments
  • When filtering events by type, users can now click the "type-ahead" suggestions as opposed to selecting a value from the list
  • Terms of Use feature added sitewide to ensure user review and acceptance of community standards documentation

Fall 2019

Summer 2019

Spring 2019