Managing notifications in Canvas

Customize your global Canvas notification settings or course level notification preferences. 

Before You Start 

You need the following: 

  • An active PennKey account (or authorized email address)
  • Enrollment in a current course site

Canvas Global Notification Preferences & Recommendations

  • Canvas allows you to control how you are notified, when, and the frequency of notifications. You can update these settings at:
  • Each channel of communication (for instance, email and push notifications on mobile devices) can be set independently:
    • To add or manage emails where your notifications are sent, go to Account > Settings and use the Ways to Contact. Text messaging (SMS) notifications for announcements may also be enabled there.
    • Push notifications must first be enabled in your Canvas Student app; once enabled, further settings can be done either via web browser or in the app.
    • For best results with learning tools included in Canvas, ensure your default (starred) email in Canvas is the same as your primary email address in Penn Directory.
    • Frequency options are ASAP, daily summary, weekly summary, or never. These options pertain to all current courses.
    • Grades are not communicated via notifications (though availability of grades is).
  • We recommend that you set announcement, grading, invitation, files, submission comments, and appointment availability “right away.”

Course Level Notification Preferences

You can set notification preferences by individual course, too:

  • To do this, open a specific course and click the "View Course Notifications" button on the course home page.
  • To override the global notification settings, set them on this page.
  • To disable notification for a course, deselect the "Enable Notifications for [course name]" under Course Notification Settings.