Create and Publish Dashboard Announcements (Community Managers)

Community Managers can create and publish dashboard announcements in MyWharton for UGR, MBA, and EMBA students. New announcements will appear on the front page of MyWharton when students log in. 

Before You Start 

You must have Community Manager privileges to add an announcement to the Dashboard in MyWharton. 

If you want the Announcement to also be posted to the Group feed (and subsequently all members' activity feed, you must be a Manager of the Group)

Create and Publish Announcements on the Dashboard

  1. Log in to MyWharton Community (
  2. Navigate to the Announcements tab from the main navigation menu.
  3. Select the Add Announcement item button.
  4. Complete the fields for the announcement. Asterisks (*) indicate required fields:
    • *News Title: Type the title of your announcement.
    • *Full Article: Type the text of your announcement.
    • Upload a Featured Photo (recommended but not required): The featured image will appear as a thumbnail with the article link. Recommended image size: 767 x 362 px.
      File types supported: JPG, PNG, or GIF.
    • Select Topic(s) (recommended but not required): Click on the text area for Select Topic(s) to see a full list of topics to choose. 
    • *Limit this News to Specific Group or Groups: Choose at least one student group (UGR, MBA, or EMBA) as the audience for the announcement. If you want it to display to all student groups, then select all three.
    • NOTE: You must be a member of the group in order to post an event to that group. If you are not a member, the group will not appear in the drop down. Staff can add themselves to any group by navigating to the Groups page, selecting the group they wish to join, and click Join Group.
    • *Publish Now or Schedule Publication: Check off Publish Now, or choose a specific date/time for the article to be published.
  5. Click Publish Now.
  6. The Announcement/News article will be available to community users based on the Date/Time of Publication and depending on which groups you selected in Limit News to Specific Groups. 
    • NOTE: Dashboard announcements will also be posted to the Group feed (and subsequently all Group Members activity feeds) if you are are Manager of the Group. 


Contact: Staff Computing Support