Create and Manage Groups (Community Managers)

Community Managers can create and manage groups in MyWharton. New groups will appear in the Groups tab of MyWharton.

Before You Start 

You must have Community Manager privileges to add groups in MyWharton.

Create and Manage Groups

To publish a new group:

  1. Log in to MyWharton Community (
  2. Navigate to the Groups tab from the main navigation menu.
  3. Select the New button.
  4. Complete the fields. Asterisks (*) indicate a required field:
    • Name: Enter the name of the group.
    • Description: Include a short description that will display on the group detail page and when users hover over the group name in the Groups tab. 
    • Information: Enter more detailed information about the group in the rich text editor that will display on the group detail page.
    • Owner: Select the owner of the group. 
    • Access Type: Choose the access type.
      • Public - Publicly available to all community users. Users can view discussions without being a member. Anyone can join. 
      • Private - Visible to all community users but users must be group members to view discussions. Users must request to join. 
      • Unlisted - Hidden from community users. Users must be invited by the Group Owner or Admin.
    • Allow Customers:  Leave the box unchecked.; this feature is not available in MyWharton Community.
    • Broadcast Only: Allows only the group owner/manager to initiate a post in the group. 
  5. Click Save and Next.
  6. Upload a group photo (not required but recommended). Maximum file size: 16MB. Acceptable file types: JPG, GIF, or PNG. Click Next
  7. Add members to your group and click Done.
  8. To Edit Group, Delete Group, or Manage Members, click on the group link in the Group's tab and those options will appear under the group name.
    NOTE: Deleting groups permanently deletes all the information in the group, but not the files themselves.


Contact: Staff Computing Support