Communicating in MyWharton

You can communicate in MyWharton through Chatter announcements, Chatter posts, and Chatter direct messaging. 

Before You Begin

All UGR, MBA, and WEMBA students and some program staff should have access to MyWharton.  If you cannot log in, contact .

Introduction to Chatter

Chatter is an enterprise social network – it is a Salesforce real-time collaboration application that helps people share information and collaborate within their organization, and functions similarly to other social media platforms, like Facebook. Chatter is primarily used in MyWharton as a way to share information and engage with students.

Chatter Features


A Chatter feed combines a publisher and a feed. There are several different types of chatter feeds in MyWharton, including your Dashboard feed, group feeds, topic feeds, and your profile feed. Each of these feeds is a collection of posts and activities.


Groups are the main collaboration space in Chatter where people share information, post updates, and ask questions. Groups are generally thought of as containers of knowledge since they organize content and discussions. Groups reduce email, make collaboration easier, and keep everyone up to date.


Posts are the building blocks of feeds and groups. Posts can be made by using the publisher on group detail and topic detail pages, on profile pages, and on individual News & Notice items. You can use the publisher to write a post, comment on a post, attach a file or link to your post, add a poll, or ask a question.

People and Profiles

Each person in the community has a profile – just like your other social networks . When you follow another person, you will get their posts in your Dashboard feed.  


Topics help organize information. You can follow a topic, and posts tagged with that topic will appear in your Dashboard feed. You can also opt to receive email notifications when posts are tagged with a topic you are following (Note: this only applies to chatter posts, not to events). Users can add topics to their own and other’s posts at any time directly in the feed.  

Tips for Collaborating in Chatter 


When you post an update, you can @mention a person or group name to bring awareness to a post or bring new people into an existing conversation.


One of the most useful tools in Chatter is following. You can follow topics, people, and news & notices.


Groups let you collaborate with a specific group of people.


Use ‘Likes’ when you are acknowledging information was received.

Direct Messages in Chatter

Direct messages allow users to ask a question to another person privately, or communicate with a limited set of people.

Chatter Notifications

All Chatter users can configure their own email notification settings...

Community Guidelines

All Chatter users can configure their own email notification settings and control the frequency of emails they receive.

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