AirPennNet-Help has Changed: Now It's "Connect to AirPennNet"

On Tuesday, March 5, the old AirPennNet-Help wireless network option on Penn's Campus was changed to Connect to AirPennNet.  This change affects all users of AirPennNet.


The new name is user-friendly and will improve the onboarding experience.  This decision is in response to feedback from the campus community and has been approved by Penn ISC's Wireless Advisory Board and the IT Roundtable.

How Does it Affect Me?

This change only affects people who are creating a new connection to Penn's wireless network, AirPennNet.  If you are already set up to access AirPennNet on any of your devices, you should not see any change.

Need Help Setting Up?

Our directions have been updated, so you can try it yourself here.


If you have questions about the new Connect to AirPennNet wizard, check with your Wharton Computing IT Representative