For up-to-date information on available technology resources during the Coronavirus pandemic, see our Computing Availability During COVID-19 article.

Penn's Gartner Portal

As of October 31, 2020, Penn joined many of its Ivy League Peers in discontinuing Gartner Campus Access. In a recent review of services, it was determined that the service, while nice to have, did not justify the significant expenditure to maintain it for less than 1% of the campus who used it.

Lippincott Library Business FAQ

As an alternative, Lippincott Library provides a Business FAQ that lists resources recommended for researching digital technology:  These resources will be helpful as starting points for students researching digital technology. 

For specific topics not addressed in this document, we recommend reaching out directly to library staff.

Technical Questions Related to Gartner

If you have questions or concerns about the Gartner software, please contact ISC Client Care at,, or 215-898-1000.