2401 Walnut Street Annex: Technology Overview and Support

This article provides information on the 2401 Walnut Street MBA meeting space.

This space is managed by the MBA Program Office, you can find more information on their policies  and procedures here.


2401 Walnut has 3 public computers available for student use. All 5 conference rooms and the multipurpose rooms are equipped with Solstice, which allows you to cast your personal devices' screens to the monitors.


Printing is also available from personal laptops, as long as they are set up to print to the regular Wharton printers. The procedure for printing is the same as for any campus Wharton printers (see Printing at Wharton). 

If there are problems with the printers, please contact us as follows:

Problems printing a document: email support@wharton.upenn.edu.

Problems with toner, paper or printer itself: email 2401printingsupport@wharton.upenn.edu.