Compromised Wharton Account: What to do (Students)

This article will provide some ways as to how your account can become compromised, and what steps to take if you believe it has already happened.

How it can happen

There are several ways your Wharton account could have been compromised:

  • You left yourself logged into a public machine on Wharton's campus or on another public machine.
  • Your computer or smartphone was stolen
  • You shared your password with someone
  • You've been the victim of a virus or phishing attack

What to do

There are several steps you should take to address this problem:

  1. Reset your Wharton, PennKey, and PennO365 passwords
    • If you believe your device has been compromised, use another computer or call Student Support to help you change your passwords.
  2. Change passwords that are similar or the same as your compromised password
    • Unique, complex passwords are one of the best ways to secure your account(s). Password managers, such as LastPass, autofill your credentials for you, allowing for easy and convenient account management while using long, complex, and secure passwords.
  3. Notify the Wharton Computing Support Team of the problem (
  4. Complete the Gmail Security checklist
  5. Determine if your password has been exposed in a data breech at and/or

If the account compromised could have had access to your personal computer, and you have sensitive information stored on that device, be sure to change any passwords for online banking and other secure sites.

In general, make sure you:


Contact: Wharton Computing Student Support

Phone: (215) 898-8600